Allendale Estate Issues

When I commute to work I pass by Allendale estate and then on to the Ongar Distributary Road. As you can see from the videos below I come across a few problems. My main concern is the safety of my child who is sitting calmly in the box!

The kerb is too high so I have to enter the estate tot he left and immediately turn right to get back on to the path I was initially taking. In the video I had a clear way across (typical it went smoother when I was being recorded!) but usually I meet a car or two coming out of the estate which can be quite dangerous depending on their speed and especially when another car comes into the estate without knowing I’m there waiting to cross.

SOLUTION: A raised table would really help cyclists get safely across the road here and give them priority over cars.

The majority of cycle paths in Dublin 15 are very uneven. You really notice it with a cargo bike as your child ends up being rocked all around the place. Tree roots, wear and tear, low quality materials, lack of proper maintenance, manholes, shores and drains seem to always be on the cycle paths. Not only do these contribute to a rocky journey but they also cause punctures or damage to your bike. It would really help if funding was allocated to fixing bike paths and lanes.

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