Dangerous Bend near Clonsilla Train Station

With the Covid 5k restrictions in place it has been difficult not seeing family. However, that said, it has also forced us to explore locally and helped us to meet (socially distant of course) and get to know locals living in our area. We’ve all been home more with lockdown which does bring back the age old question of work/life balance!

Anyway, I digress. I started cycling to Beechpark Clonsilla with Martin and Paul too sometimes. The most direct route has an extremely dangerous bend caused to be a problem by an entrance to 2 houses. The owners of the houses decided to take it upon themselves to block off the link of the new cycle and pedestrian path to the existing one. I assume this is because they see it as their entrance. Surely blocking pedestrians and cyclists from crossing their entrance is illegal? How often do they enter and exit their homes and even at that, surely people are only passing by and not stopping and standing in their way!

Hopefully something can be done to improve this very dangerous bend. If you follow my tweet you’ll see Cllr Aaron O’ Rourke and TD Paul Donnelly have already started working on it. Thank you both for your prompt action!


    I would love to chat to you about this impasse and how it has come about from a big mistake made by Fingal county council that wasn’t sorted years ago.
    I am one of the owners on that bend and I believe i had a lovely chat with your husband last month and i really admired your bike too.
    In the last 18 months or so since your post Fingal has taken no further action on this despite our protests too.
    We are fully aware of the danger of this bend posed to you and have continually asked them to offer a crossing alternative, signage etc.
    You see the truth is that Fingal themselves agree that this is private and have known since 2016, well before the St.Josephs path and estate were built.
    We are told they will be addressing it in the new year by purchasing the land but in the mean time they are allowing you to come across the impasse without putting an alternative crossing in for you .

    Fingal legal department are aware too and offered no input when we questioned who was insuring an accident or fall on our private land? hence the impasse.

    We are facing trespass and vandalism on a daily basis as a result of the new path at St.Josephs and Fingal are silent.

    I wrote to Fingal and all local councillors this morning demanding immediate remedy to this or legal action and i am as always waiting for a reply.

    This inaction is an injustice to both us and you and needs to be sorted but in the meantime the sickening news is that Fingal have written to us that they intend to CPO both homes and knock them down to fix this issue and connect to the Future Greenway.
    And on the other side of their mouth a senior engineer told me that our entrance is needed for construction traffic to access the greenway and our entrance will not be linked to either pathway for several years to come…..and still no alternative crossing mentioned!

    If that doesn’t tell you who is at fault i don’t know how to explain it any further.
    We are worn out by this and want answers too and i hope that this changes your opinion of us.

    If you have any questions or want chat about you can message see anytime.
    Thanks for listening.


    1. Thank you for your message and full explanation Nigel. I’m so sorry to hear how you and your neighbour have been treated. It is not acceptable. I wrote this post a long time ago before you met and spoke with my husband. We sympathize with your situation and hope it can all be resolved properly soon, not that I hold too much hope for that! They’re making a mess of the whole thing. It’s so slow moving, it’s painful!


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