Sunny Weekend Trip to the Phoenix Park

What gorgeous weather we had this weekend. We finally decided to visit the Phoenix Park. It has been a long time since we’ve gone the park due to Lockdown restrictions. It’s just barely outside 5k from our home so we used to go there regularly and have missed it. While it was very busy and there were very long queues at any cafe we did pass, it was still an enjoyable outing. Thankfully we brought a picnic of sorts (mainly Martin’s little snacks) so we didn’t have to join any queues. Coffee would’ve been an added bonus treat for us. We actually decided to go through Castleknock in the end and treated ourselves to a coffee from Butlers Pantry. Not too big a queue there and delicious treats were bought too … couldn’t resist!

We enjoyed a few stops along the way to the end of the park. Martin got to get out of the cargobike a few times. We didn’t end up using his trike despite bringing it. It was nicer to let him out and roam a bit. He loved hearing and seeing the horses in Farmleigh. The fence is perfect for him to coast along, although we have to keep an eye on his feet as there’s a steep section. The grass area around the Tearooms beside the entrance to Dublin Zoo are lovely and shaded in parts. We stopped there for our snack that I had brought. You can’t go to the Phoenix Park and not climb a tree. So we found the perfect one for Martin. It was almost like a gentle swing as the branches swung gently and easily. This tree is on the road towards Whitesgate and Farmleigh. It’s on the right hand side and you’ll often see children in it when you pass.

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