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Let’s Talk Helmets and High Vis

Should helmets be compulsory? Many ask ‘why aren’t they?’ and are often very forceful in their questioning. While we’re at it, let’s light cyclists up like a Christmas tree because it’s only if they’re in high vis that drivers will manage to see them! 🙄 As a cyclist, I don’t have a problem with wearing a… Continue reading Let’s Talk Helmets and High Vis

A Mother Like No Other

The world lost a wonderful woman today, She’s gone up to heaven forever to stay. The life that she lead was so full of love, For each of her children who she was proud of. She truly was … a mother like no other. I remember her teaching me silly games to play Some of… Continue reading A Mother Like No Other

Train spotting

With most kids activity centres closed (thank you Covid pandemic!) the question of how to entertain your children on rainy days like we’ve had this weekend got me thinking of what people did before devices and the likes. So off to the local train station Martin and I went. Full disclosure, his daddy gave me… Continue reading Train spotting

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