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The Shackleton Garden

If you wanted to visit a walled garden then I highly recommend making your way to Clonsilla to visit the Shackleton Garden. If you wanted fresh fruit and veg you could time it well on a Saturday and purchase in the Eco Farm which is in the same entrance (I previously blogged about that if…

Spring is here!

The brighter mornings definitely are here which is lovely for us cyclists. You feel a good deal safer cycling to work in the morning when you feel you are more visible. That said, there is something cosy about being wrapped up and in the dark. I’ve always loved that feeling even as a child under…

I’m Still Cycling!

Ironically this week I’m not cycling as while cycling home from school last Friday I got a flat tyre on the back wheel of my cargo bike. My hero of a husband tried to fix it but unfortunately ran into difficulty so we’re waiting for a professional to come to not only fix it but…

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